MBA Applicant Interviews

Courtesy of the wonderful world of Reddit I have been able to connect with MBA's at all stages of the game.

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Today we'll hear from an MBA applicant:


  1. I decided to apply for an MBA now because I think I've reached a level in my career (mid-level professional) where an MBA will be a differentiator for me and will allow me to have a solid background of business knowledge and a strong network for the rest of my career. I also want the option to take a new direction in my career, which is something an MBA degree can offer.

  2. Through the process of researching schools online, attending a number of info sessions, and visiting multiple MBA programs for class visit days, I realized that I want a smaller, more tight-knit MBA experience. I also would love a college town/suburban feel over a big city, so I'm targeting schools like Fuqua, Johnson, Tuck, Ross, and Darden that fit best with what I'm looking for.

  3. I think my biggest barrier is the GMAT - I've taken the exam before, and while my score isn't super low, I'm having trouble managing test anxiety to score closer to the (higher) scores I've achieved on practice exams during the real deal.

  4. I'm targeting management consulting post-MBA.

  5. I think what's been most surprising to me is how inclusive MBA programs are and how much they value diversity of opinion. As someone who isn't coming from finance or consulting, it was a relief to learn that MBA programs are eager to have a variety of different viewpoints and student experiences in the classroom.

  6. Surprisingly, not much has been disappointing to me in this process so far - hopefully, I can still say that come admission decision time! I think the most disappointing aspect has been on more of a personal note, and it was realizing that the schools that are the best fit for me aren't near my current city, meaning that my partner and I would need to be long-distance during business school.

  7. To kind of combine your last two questions, I think the hardest part of applying to an MBA program as an intersectional candidate is navigating multiple identities throughout the admissions process as well as throughout the MBA itself. It's so awesome that there are resources like MLT, ROMBA, Consortium, and Forté, but sometimes it can feel difficult to balance affiliations between multiple diversity groups during the application process. I think it would be awesome to get more intersectional perspectives out there surrounding MBA experiences, and it would be great if your blog/site could serve as a platform for that. I know that's a tall order, but if you could continue to get feedback and guest posts from intersectional candidates discussing their experience, it could be really useful to other candidates in the same boat.

If you ever need any more feedback or post material, let me know! I really like the idea behind your blog and would love to help out with anything else you need. Best of luck!