Case Comp Anyone?

Always Be Networking!

Never skimp on an opportunity to win money, especially now that you don't have any cash flow.

So what exactly is a case competition (case comp)?: A competition, usually consisting of multiple rounds, between MBA students, often across schools, which allows for the demonstration of competency in certain skills. Typically the competition is strategy based and mirrors the case challenges consultants may face, but there are also finance, marketing and other competitions.

I'm so busy with school why should I do them?: Mainly to network with students in other programs and employers who sponsor the competitions as a way to screen potential candidates. Consulting firms, banks and large corporations sponsor case competitions, even posing the competition as an opportunity to help solve 'real business problems'. Yes, you can win money as well (a few thousand or hundred bucks never hurt anyone) and without question you will learn something about yourself and your potential teammates.

Regardless of the outcome your resume can always say you were a participant.