Class is in Session

The first day all over again!

Obviously the logistics of Day 1 as an MBA depend on the program you enroll in, but I'm sure at some point you will be sitting in a room designed for lecture and discussion. Your name plate sits prominently in front of you as you sweat being cold called. It's a beautiful thing!

Key tools for surviving: 

  • A good laptop

    • Lightweight and fast to start up are key in my opinion​

  • Access to your class WhatsApp, GroupMe or Slack

    • Need to stay in the loop quickly on changing assignments, class advice and of course the social scene​

  • Comfortable Shoes

    • I don't ​think people talk about how important good footwear is in school- whether your trekking across campus or standing up at a networking event for hours on end- make sure your shoes are comfortable and suit your style.