Coronavirus and the MBA

The global outbreak of COVID-19 is completely unprecedented and is having severe impacts on everyone's day to day life.

Please be safe and practice as much social distancing as possible during this public health crisis to #FlattenTheCurve

As you stay safe and healthy, you may be curious to explore how the outbreak is impacting MBA life on both ends- current students and prospective students.

The biggest caveat of course is that the situation is evolving. In some ways, minute by minute. This information will be updated accordingly and if you have updates or info to share, please let me know.

Current Students (Graduating Members of the Class of 2020):

  • Will there be a commencement ceremony?

  • What outreach if any should I be doing with my full-time employer during this time?

    • This is an open question for most students. The current answer is unknown. Understandably​, all companies are currently overwhelmed with how to navigate the situation with their current employees so they likely will not be fielding questions from incoming hires as quickly. It is possible that in the coming week or two either students will be hearing from companies.

  • Will I still have a full-time job come summer/fall 2020?

  • How can I continue my full-time recruiting during this time?

    • This is another difficult question. Again, as most employers are focused on communicating with current employees as they navigate the crisis, recruiting efforts are a bit scattershot. Large employers such as Amazon​ have the infrastructure to continue with their normal timelines during this period, but it is unclear what the situation is for smaller employers or even long term. Making sure you're engaged through LinkedIn is probably key at this stage. Reaching out to people for phone calls and video chats is a good idea. While it cannot replace a coffee chat, it is still a way to stay connected and top of mind.

  • Can I be reimbursed for the full-time tuition I am paying for online courses?

    • Probably not, but TBD. This is unprecedented and universities have so many things on their plate to coordinate. I am sure this is on the radar, but it is far from a priority.​

Current Students (Members of the Class of 2021):

  • How secure is my summer 2020 internship?

    • It is very unclear what the internship situation may look like for the Class of 2021. While internships serve a critical role for both the employer and student to determine fit, there is a possibility of internships being remote if the pandemic continues which would make the overall value questionable. Some large companies have sent out emails to reassure incoming interns, but the situation is extremely fluid at the moment.​

  • How can I continue my internship recruiting during this time?

    • Similar to full-time recruiting, it is very difficult to know what is on the horizon for recruiting, but utilizing LinkedIn is key during this time, explore your network, connect with others and stay active.​

  • Will I have any international experiences during my MBA program?

    • Big question, but probably a no for the foreseeable future.​

  • Can I be reimbursed for the full-time tuition I am paying for online courses?

    • Again, probably not, but TBD​

Prospective Students (Class of 2022 and beyond):

  • Will a virtual or online experience provide the same experience as a welcome weekend?

    • Probably not to be honest. It is almost impossible to recreate the in person experience of a campus visit of this nature with all the welcoming activities, networking and exploring that typically occurs. It will probably be a very structured and straight forward virtual experience with many follow-ups to allow you to connect with current students​

  • Is it possible to defer a year?

    • This is program dependent, but typically it is not easy to defer a year. Given the unique circumstances, that may change​

  • Is it possible to get a tuition reduction if we begin our first year online instead of in person?

    • Very unclear what the answer will be. As the situation evolves, a reduction may be possible given how greatly an online experience differs from in person especially when it comes to recruiting.​

  • Is it the right time to be going to business school?

    • It is hard to say. On the one hand, if we are on the road to a recession then it is almost ideal to ride out the downturn for 2 years in a full time program, but what that program will look like would be up in the air. Conversely if this is a blip, then maybe the economy resumes its strength and it isn't the best time to be in school. Again nobody knows.​

  • How much leverage do I have right now for scholarships?

    • Depends on the number of applicants and admits, but my gut tells me you probably have more leverage than you typically would as schools navigate all of the uncertainty.​