The Forté Fellowship

I have the good fortune of not only being admitted to a T30 program but also being selected as one of the school's Forté Fellows! 


The fellowship comes with a full-tuition scholarship!! In addition to my Forté Fellowship, I will have full access to the Consortium benefits.

So what exactly is the Forté Fellowship and why is it so great?

The Forté Foundation is a consortium of MBA programs and businesses whose mission is to increase the number of female business leaders. Since its launch in November 2001, over $142M in scholarships have been awarded to over 6,300 students and alumnae.

There are 52 MBA programs across the US, Canada and Europe who are part of the Forté Consortium. FT, PT and Executive MBA programs can be part of the Forté consortium.

According to the Forté website, Fellowship consideration is as follows:

  1. A student applies to Forté sponsor school.

  2. A student receives an offer of admission into Forté sponsor school’s MBA program.

  3. The student is considered for all scholarship opportunities through that institution.

  4. The school selects its Forté Fellows.

  5. The sponsoring school notifies Forté of its selections.


Also according to the Forté website, school selection criteria is as follows:


  • Candidates should exhibit exemplary leadership in one or more ways: academic leadership, team leadership, community leadership, and creative leadership.

  • Candidates should demonstrate a commitment to women and girls via personal mentorship or community involvement. Such commitment is in alignment with the mission of Forté Foundation.

  • Schools are encouraged to nominate fellows from their schools who represent diverse educational and work backgrounds, career goals, ethnicities and citizenship. 

Schools scholarship awards based on numerous factors, but they range from $10k to full tuition depending on the program. The number of fellows at each school also varies quite a bit depending on the program. It appears that there are at least 2 at each member school. 


In addition to being selected as a fellow, membership benefits include networking opportunities with other fellows, conferences and access to a resume book (I am realizing the value of resume books as I go along in this process) which is distributed to all sponsor companies. I am extremely proud and pleased to have been offered this great opportunity to represent such a great school as a Forté Fellow!!


Kudos to the Forté foundation as the profile of Fellows is quite prestigious and diverse:





























I was a Consortium applicant who ultimately decided to turn down the admission offer to the school who offered me admission and the full ride fellowship. Instead, I was accepted with a full Forté fellowship to a program which will ALSO offer me all of the Consortium benefits! I am excited to have two excellent networking and fellowship opportunities and will keep you posted on my experience!


It is important to note that ANYONE can become a Forté member and gain access to the network and events! MBA students are granted free membership and professionals can pay an annual $50 membership fee.


Forté Financial Services FAST Track


I had the privilege of attending the Forté Financial Services FAST Track event in New York City. The two-day event was a wonderful opportunity to network with the awesome women also entering MBA programs this fall who were interested in careers in the financial services industry. The event covered Investment Banking (by far the most popular target industry), Investment and Asset Management and in networking conversations during the opening day reception- sales and trading and equity research. 



Day One:

  • The day kicked off with Scott Rostan from Training the Street who offered an overview of the Financial Services industry with a focus on investment banking. The hour-long crash course was an awesome primer and I'm glad to know his team will be training me and my peers at my MBA program this fall just as IB internships get going!

  • Following Scott, Marjie Terry of Great on the Job provided all of us with a wonderful session on perfecting our pitch for interviews and networking conversations. The biggest takeaway for me was to make sure that I am upfront and clear about my intent to focus conversations.

  • A panel featuring Directors and Managing Directors of the Sponsor firms offered a realistic overview of what being a woman in finance is truly like including many honest notes on the realities of balancing family life and the culture of the industry.

  • The day concluded with an incredible opportunity to take our knowledge of the day and network with recruiters and staff from each of the Sponsor firms over great snacks and an open bar.



Day Two:

  • The day began with a breakfast and three-panel conversations. Women (and one great male ally) who made the transition from their MBA programs to Asset/Investment Management, Investment Banking and Alternative Investments offered their tips for success. 

  • Lunch featured networking opportunities with both recruiters and current employees (women and men of different Sponsor firms).

  • After lunch, recruiters rotated around and answered core questions about the MBA recruiting process as they specifically apply to their firm.

  • The closing Keynote was by Yesi Morillo-Gual, a former Citigroup Executive and the Founder and President of Proud To Be Latina