The hardest and longest road leads to some amazing places.

The seven month sprint from deciding to leave the workforce to wading through application portals and waiting for emails is over.​​

While I hope to never muddle my way through sentence correction while being timed again, I must say that when I look back on the journey, I'm pretty proud of what I accomplished.

How did it all shakeout and what are my actual MBA options? Perhaps more important, how did I feel about it in the moment? With the value of hindsight?

How can I thank everyone who supported me through this process? The loved ones and those who composed recommendation letters? Once a decision is made, how can I gracefully exit my current role

Is a LinkedIn announcement ever appropriate?

Thinking about how much this is going to cost...can scholarships (or the lack of them) be negotiated before saying yes?

Already overwhelmed? Don't forget to think about everything you can and should be doing before hitting campus in the fall.