Investment Banking

The hours sound brutal, the work seems never-ending and the pay broken down hourly isn't THAT great. Why would anyone, let alone a QWoC be interested in investment banking? For me there are three reasons:

  1. The enhanced skills. My current role is in 'finance,' but I would say that it's finance-lite. It's more resource allocation than resource generation.

  2. The network

  3. The possibilities- despite the bad rap, there is no doubt the skills gained can translate into other excellent exit opportunities (next career steps)


What are investment banking interviews like (internships)

  • Behavioral- Also known as fit questions. These are questions asked of all MBA candidates for pretty much any role- heck these are questions anyone will likely encounter in an interview after the general 'walk me through your resume':

    • Tell me about a time XX happened.

  • Technical- The questions which demonstrate you actually understand the financial complexities of investment banking

    • What are the 3 main financial statements and what do they mean?

To date, the best resource for my prep has been The Vampire Squid Podcast! Alan is a former Goldman Sachs analyst who has worked to ensure the world of finance is transparent and digestible for all! Major hat tip!