I am convinced that LinkedIn is the most powerful platform we have for networking today.


If you are applying to an MBA program and have not updated your LinkedIn profile with a photo and at minimum, your educational and work history, please stop reading this and go do that now. You must have a professional way for people to find you.


LinkedIn is probably second only to Instagram in terms of the social media tool I look at most. I refresh constantly, reading posts and reviewing profiles of people in various industries I highly respect. It is always fun to see how non-linear the path to CEO or Managing Director or Partner is for people. I have learned about new programs and stories just by following various high profile leaders who post about their favorite articles or new companies.


LinkedIn is an absolute treasure trove!


Once you have an updated profile and are increasingly familiar with how it works, begin connecting with others! Building a robust network on LinkedIn is extremely important.

Some people are quick with the update and the moment they're admitted you'll see their entire profile update instantly: (Incoming) XYZ MBA Class of 20XX. The headshot, the post thanking everyone they know for their support and guidance and a photo of them from their campus visit in a suit. 

I am personally more muted in my LinkedIn world. Opting instead to collect the connections (Always Be Networking!) and occasionally like posts from those very same connections. I don't recall the last time I actually posted anything.

In my onion, you can be a bit too post friendly on LinkedIn, but I also think I'm industry biased. Not many MBAs who plan to go into banking or consulting will post as gratuitously as say someone pursuing marketing or strategy who needs to let you know about the latest HBR article on how people think.

Once internship season arrives, there will certainly be more posts of a similar vein.

It is all up to you and your comfort level with posting on the most powerful networking tool of our times.