Next Steps to Take

After getting admitted it's important to take a deep breath after sending out mass text messages and checking out even MORE from your current job.

First, say thank you! Remember every person who supported you along the way whether it was your spouse or partner, those recommenders who graciously wrote you letters, maybe even your colleagues who picked up the slack at the office as you devoted more and more time to studying and applying.

Aside from the handwritten card and thoughtful thank you e-mails, some gift ideas include:

  • For Family

    • Hold off on the school swag as there is much more to come (some of which may be free in the coming weeks and months), instead a home-cooked meal or night out may be in order. If your post-application budget allows, a nice big vacation would be the best gift ever before you disappear into the world of networking and recruiting and the like.​

  • For those who supported your application

    • School swag is always a great gift as they are invested in your success and want to flex that they now know a soon to be MBA​

  • For your colleagues who carried some extra weight on your behalf

    • Most definitely​ snacks and bevvies on you sometime soon. I personally think hosting the office breakfast is severely underrated, especially mid-week.


As you continue to swoon over your future alma mater, it is important to remember that you're about to make a big investment in money and time! More research is necessary to do your best to ensure that you are happy with the outcome.


  • Get ready for admitted students weekend!

    • Depending on the programs you were admitted to, you may have to choose between two (or more) admit weekends. Lucky you, you can go both ways on the final decision. You can attend the weekend of the school that you are 99% certain you would like to attend, or take a chance and see if a weekend at your second choice school can sway you. I will add that I think it is never as easy as simply selecting the higher ranked program if you have been admitted to multiple programs (you lucky hard worker you!). Remember each program has unique and nuanced offerings. Also remember that rankings don't tell you the full story. You still need to do your own research and each school has its own palpable culture that may or may not be a fit for you.

  • Start networking with alumni!

    • If you have a dream job/firm on your mind, head to LinkedIn and search for alumni at that company. Reach out and let them know you're a recent admit and would love to chat further. On that note, remember you will not hear back from everyone and that is ok! This is a fact of life and business you should definitely familiarize yourself with going forward- don't take it personally.

  • Talk to your career services team!

    • Once your deposit is down/during your admitted students weekend, get in touch with career services! They can really help you not only improve your resume and cover letter but also connect you with current students or recent alums in your industry or career of interest before school even starts to begin networking. I think this is especially important for those who have expressed interest in pursuing pre-MBA internships.