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A Year Ago

My first semester ended 2 weeks ago and I think that I have fully recovered! After the arduous journey, exhausting coursework and tons of holiday-ness, I am ready to really reflect and hopefully offer a dose of hope to those still in the trenches!

A year ago today I was so anxious! I had bombed the GMAT twice (sub 600s), I was CRAMMING for a last second GRE attempt 4 days away and I was neglecting my partner, family and friends in the process. The New Years Eve GRE was a total waste of money and time and I can't recall ever being more frustrated at myself before.

It was at that point that I decided to turn my attention to my essays entirely and ensuring that I had a cohesive and honest story to tell which recounts how I ended up in my career, why I was pursuing an MBA after 30 and where I hoped the journey would lead. This is more important than people think! Even if I had magically scored an 800, if the story was unclear or inconsistent schools would have a hard time admitting me. I write about essays here.

Eventually, after most of my applications had already been sent, I took ANOTHER GMAT exam on one of the coldest days of the new year and cleared 600! I couldn't wait to notify the Consortium! You can read about my GMAT journey and tips if I had to do it all again here.

I think back on just how much I overestimated my own test taking ability and how good it felt to finally put the exam to rest. I know quite a few folks are still deep in the trenches of GMAT taking, essay writing and straight up stressing and wanted to say KEEP TRUDGING. It sucks being where you are right now, but it is all worth it because the phone calls, emails and large envelopes and packages headed your way are WORTH IT!

Even though I didn't end up at what I thought was my dream school, I realize that I am attending a solid program which has provided me with an incredible foundation for me to pursue a new career. I look forward to the next semester of focusing on accounting and finance work and my new found love for strategy.

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