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Today I Read about the Venture Capital (VC) initiative to increase women’s access to VC funding

Happy International Women's Day!! Venture Capital Firms are stepping up their game when it comes to increasing funding access to women with their #StartWithEight campaign.

Quick Summary: 38 VC firms (including Two Sigma Ventures, Bain Capital Ventures and Tusk Ventures) agree that action needs to be taken to increase access to start-up capital REGARDLESS of gender, race, sexual orientation or any other characteristic. Identifying that the biggest problem is with networking- the fact of the matter is that men get more meetings than women- the VCs each agree to take meetings with 8 women outside of their networks throughout the month of March.

Big Takeaway: Women are sorely underrepresented in VC: only 2% of VC funding went to female founders and only 8% of partners at top VC firms are women.

Something I did not know: Only 18 black women have have EVER raised more than $1m in VC funding for their startups.

Makes me feel/think about: This is absolutely awesome, but it must continue beyond the month of March! This cannot just be symbolic, it is an opportunity to actually change access to networks and funding. I commend each of the VC firms for kicking off a great initiative, but I truly hope this spreads to other industries in and out of tech- this is exactly the kind of action that we need to increase the presence of women in business!!!


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