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Today I Read that gay advertising gets a reaction

Late last month, Business Insider looked at Dutch startup Suitsupply and their latest ad campaign which features gay-centric imagery.

Quick Summary: 'Find your fit' is Suitsupply's spring/summer 2018 ad campaign. The campaign prominently features gay male imagery and the public backlash was swift and fierce.

Big Takeaway: Within 24 hours the company lost 12,000 Instagram followers.

Something I did not know: The company is quite familiar with generating controversy. In 2016 their provocative ads were called misogynist and previous ads in 2014 and 2010 resulted in swift backlash due to their sexist and violent nature.

Makes me feel/think about: Suitsupply's advertising history indicates they run on provocation, so the advertising campaign is pretty par for the course. However, it is certainly disappointing that gay-centric imagery still generates such intolerant public responses. Though the company claims their angle was inclusivity and passion, it is a far cry from the truly heartfelt Cheerios ad which created a national dialogue about love and families and how companies can truly be inclusive

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