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Today I Read that one woman in the C-Suite triples the number of women in the management pipeline

With International Women's Day right around the corner (Thursday), Fortune magazine highlighted the overwhelming impact having just one female senior leader can have on a company's management gender balance.

Quick Summary: According to management consulting firm Accenture, having just one female senior leader results in a three fold increase in the number of women in the management pipeline.

Big Takeaway: Women's resource groups are instrumental to other women's success. In companies with women's affinity groups, 90% of women participate.

Something I did not know: Maternity leave without paternity leave has a negative impact on women's career advancement. Gender neutral parental leave policies eliminate this negative impact.

Makes me feel/think about: It is encouraging to see the data prove female leadership leads to more women in the management pipeline, but I wish that there were more female managers period. At the end of the day, men still hold the majority of leadership roles in the business world. The #MentorHer movement is meant to remind and encourage men to be sure to contribute to the advancement of women in the work place because senior level mentorship leads to management positions. I hope that we're moving closer to a world where women have the tools and access to leadership from the jump- no hashtags necessary.

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