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Today I Read that Snapchat approved of an ad tied to domestic violence

This week, Snapchat reviewed and approved an ad for a mobile game which asked users whether they'd rather have Rihanna slap or punch Chris Brown. Criticism from Rihanna and users likely directly impacted shares of Snap which fell 4.8%.

Quick Summary: An LA based mobile gaming company's ad asking users whether Rihanna should slap or punch Chris Brown made its way to Snapchat users. There was immediate criticism from both Rihanna herself and others which led to an apology by Snapchat for the 'accidental' approval of the ad. The blowback resulted in a 4.8% drop in Snapchat's stock price. Snapchat apologized for the 'mistake,' but no response was provided by the gaming company which produced the ad.

Big Takeaway: Rihanna openly criticized Snapchat and then asked fans to delete the app. As Snapchat relies on advertising for revenue (and its valuation) it's stock dropped within hours.

Something I did not know: Snapchat is trading at $17.07

Makes me feel/think about: My guess is that the price was right for both Snapchat and the gaming company. There was no regard for how the ad rehashes a traumatizing moment for Rihanna or demonstrates a blatant disrespect for domestic victims or women. To me it comes down to who is at the table. I would be curious to know who approves advertising for Snapchat- or any company for that matter. Who are the voices expressing concern or examining all angles and perspectives of prospective ads? This was no 'mistake'. This is a failure of a company to respect others. Women and people of color need a seat at the table- as do those who have experiences and identities which are not often represented. I hope that they are not only given a seat, but the opportunity to exercise veto power over poor marketing and advertising. I hope Snapchat's 'error' is another firm's lesson.

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