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What is good leadership?

I have leadership on my mind today. In part because it’s an election year. In part because we’re in the middle of a global health crisis which requires clear and frequent communication from our leaders.

Before business school, I don’t think I ever truly reflected on what a good leader was. Sure, my favorite bosses were the ones who were calm and didn’t micromanage and remembered what I did over the weekend, but being a good boss is different than being a good leader.

Something that I have come to appreciate is that leadership takes many forms. It is not only about being strong in the face of a crisis, but about being forward thinking and willing to take (calculated) risks. A good leader recognizes the need to communicate clearly and effectively internally and externally and can think and respond empathetically.

These soft skills are not necessarily taught in business schools, but they are the skills I’ve come to admire about leaders I observe and respect most.

I hope to have the privilege of working for a leader who exhibits the qualities I admire in the near future and to grow into the type of leader I respect as well.

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