The Reaching Out MBA (ROMBA) Fellowship for LGBTQ MBA candidates provides prospective LGBTQ MBA candidates with access to a network of students, corporate recruiting and other support to continue to propel diversity in corporations. Started in 1999 when approximately 100 LGBTQ students attended a conference hosted by Harvard and Yale MBAs, there are now well over 50 affiliated MBA programs across the world.


The annual ROMBA conference brings corporations directly to LGBTQ MBA candidates and allows students for networking and interview sessions. Over 90 companies have agreed to participate at the conference in recent years.


Each school selects their ROMBA fellows, in my MBA program, the two fellows are selected by way of essay submission. Although I was not selected, I am excited to meet the two students who will receive the $10k annual award to cover their program expenses as their essays certainly demonstrated their ongoing commitment to the LGBTQ community and business world.


In addition to the conference and the fellowship, ROMBA offers treks (or professional trips) over the summer before school to introduce newly admitted MBAs to firms in their industry of interest. This summer's treks are as follows:

  • NYC for Finance

  • Minneapolis for Marketing & Retail

  • Boston for Health Care & Insurance Markets

  • San Francisco for Technology

  • Seattle for Technology & Retail

  • Chicago for General Management & Consulting

ROMBA unlocks some incredible opportunities, the most important being a close nit community of those who identify as LGBTQ. We're a small, but mighty crew of future business leaders.