The Interviews

After your applications are submitted, there is a lot of worrying and waiting to be done:


  • Did I send the right application to the right school?

  • How silly did my career goal sound?

  • Should I have added another professor's name to my essay as further evidence of my intense program research?


Hopefully one day, two to four weeks after submission you receive an email from a school you applied to!


CONGRATS you have an interview (unless you applied to Kellogg (Northwestern)- distinct in its own right on so many levels, Kellogg makes a concerted effort to interview essentially every single applicant. You sign up for an interview as part of their rigorous and exhausting application process).  Under most conditions not receiving an invitation to interview with an MBA program is a ding. To be clear, there are definitely situations under which not receiving an interview invitation is not a ding, but most programs only interview candidates under serious consideration for admission to the incoming class.

If a school offers you the opportunity to interview in person AND they are one of your top choice programs- GO! Business school is expensive no doubt and in this case, it is important to demonstrate your interest and commitment to the adcoms.

If you receive an interview and have the option for a Skype/online interview AND the school is not making you swoon, Skype is aok! Usually, these lower ranked programs (outside of the T10) acknowledge that travel is difficult for candidates and there is no downside to interviewing candidates virtually.


Sometimes you will interview with an alum or current student even when you visit campus for the interview. This can be totally awesome because it is certainly more conversational and you're interviewing with someone who was literally just in your shoes not too long ago.

Remember during the interview, the objective is not to stump you, it is to gauge fit. An MBA is an investment for both you and the program. You should both feel the vibe and believe that if you attend you would be happy and successful! A poor fit would suck for both you and the program!

The questions you are most likely to be asked are:

  • Walk me through your resume

    • Truly frustrating question but to be expected- you should be able to articulate why you took each job listed and how it connects to the job before and after it.

  • Primary principle questions:

    • Why an MBA?

    • Why an MBA now?

    • Why an MBA here?

  • What are your short term and long term goals?

    • They can completely change once you’re admitted but SHOULD be believable and easy to follow and of course, match what you wrote in your essay.

  • Do you have any questions for me?

    • ASK QUESTIONS! Come prepared to engage in a dialogue about the program to show you researched and are genuinely interested in attending. I suggest at least 2 good questions that are not merely yes or no, but can lead to a conversation.