The Applicant

Rumor has it, you miss 100% of the shots you don't take.

The primary reason I decided to create this site is because there was not a single comprehensive resource to find all of the MBA application process information I knew I needed. Rather, it involved a lot of googling and talking to people. Other people should have access to the same resources I ultimately did so I'm making a point of ensuring this is all clear and easy to understand. 


I had some semblance of an idea about what business school was when I decided to begin the application process last fall, but really , what is business school anyway?

Even after gaining an understanding of what an MBA is, why even apply when I am already in a fairly solid career position and am non-traditional in terms of age, salary, and career?


What is my end goal? Is it ok to be 30 years old and have no idea what I want to be when I grow up?! I say absolutely yes here.


The one thing that delayed my decision to apply was the GMAT. I long ago decided that I was terrible at math and had no business ever taking a standardized test again. After repeatedly hearing from friends that this felt like the biggest and scariest hurdle, I wanted to demystify and share the realities of THE business school entrance exam. No a low score does not eliminate you from the running of enrolling in a great MBA program, but yes you are right, the process, kind of sucks.


Ok, I have heard of Harvard, Stanford and Wharton...are there really other business schools? Are they even 'good'? Am I totally lame if I do not apply to the top schools? I muddled my way through these program related questions quite a bit during the application process and feel wonderful about where I ultimately applied and you should too!


Once you complete (or if you're like me- while you complete) the GMAT, you have to turn to the essays and application writing. It is emotionally exhausting and you will definitely need help writing. Even if you were an English major.


What about those letters of recommendations? Well you need them and as a heads up, things can get very awkward!


What happens after hitting send on applications? What if I never hear back? Interviewing with MBA programs is the next step in determining fit.


School is expensive. I still have student loans from undergrad. Is it worth going to a lower ranked program if you get a full-ride instead of a top tier program and taking out all of that debt? What is the real cost of attendance? How hard is it to come by a scholarship? I have looked at the world of MBA financing quite a bit over the past few months.


Any sort of jargon can be exclusionary and acronyms are especially annoying. If you don't know what they are it can definitely feel embarrassing when you ask or google yourself into a tizzy searching for them. Hopefully this list helps.


There is still so much MBA information in the world and it can be overwhelming. These are my primary resources that I regularly check and rely on to learn more about the application process as well as student life and achieving my career goals.