The Resources I Used (a work in progress)

Blogs I read regularly:​

  • Poets and Quants

    • An excellent website featuring quality articles on business schools​.

  • Reddit

    • r/mba I joined reddit just to have access to the wonderful questions posted here​.

  • Clear Admit

    • Interview guides, profiles and articles on all major MBA programs.

  • Wall Street Oasis

    • A forum for those interested in finance careers.​

  • Mergers and Inquisitions

    • My top resource for careers in finance. Primarily written from the perspective of those who pursued a career in finance right after undegrad, there are many posts on MBA programs and career paths I did not even know existed in finance.​

  • The

    • Neat startup by an former i-banker to connect those interested in summer internships and full-time offers with​ current i-bankers at certain firms. Also features blogs about investment banking.

GMAT resources:


    • Where you register for the GMAT exam.

  • Magoosh

    • The self-study GMAT resource I used.​

  • GMATClub

    • The forum which has EVERYTHING. Answers to official GMAT guide questions, GMAT questions of all levels created by users, forums to discuss business school applications and life. NOTE: many people are critical because they believe the majority of participants are Indian MBA candidates and thus their experience is not applicable, but I vehemently disagree. Everything I have read has been extremely helpful.​

  • Target Test Prep

    • A self-student GMAT resource I used that provides strong fundamentals in the quant component of the GMAT. Would have been more awesome if I have more than 3 months to study.​

Other Resources for scholarships and fellowships:

  • The Consortium

    • The single greatest tool in my MBA toolkit. A common application which allows one to apply to up to 6 programs for one low flat rate AND be eligible for the incredible fellowship which covers 2 years of tuition and fees AS LONG AS you meet the criteria of the mission.​

  • Management Leadership for Tomorrow

    • Great Resource for minority applicants.​

  • Toigo

    • Great resource for minority applicants​

  • MBA JumpStart

    • Another resource for minority MBA candidates.​

Paying for it all:

  • Common Bond

    • MBA graduate creation which provides low interest rate MBA loans and a fairly robust calculator by MBA program of estimated fees.