Credit Card Points and Instagram

One of the biggest expenses for any business school travel aside from tuition, and living expenses is travel.

There is of course travel to conferences and competitions (but DEF do your best to get your program to cover those expenses as its part of your learning), but most student travel is the elective, I want to get away and connect with my peers and really build my network off campus travel.

Whether its for a school sponsored international trip, your buddy's wedding or spring break, it is very difficult to graduate from business school without spending a few thousand dollars on travel.

One of the biggest ways to minimize the negative impact is to invest in a solid credit card with points that allow you to be rewarded for spending money.

Another way to minimize the short-term negative impacts is to pay for trips using services such as PayPal Credit which allows you to delay payments, interest free for 6 months (fingers crossed its timed for when you start your internship and there is some positive cash flow)

Other platforms such as allow you to book hotels and other services without any pre-payment so you can delay the pain for a little while longer as well.

Happy and safe travels!