What is Business School Anyway?

What is Business School?: A terminal degree program for candidates with an intent to pursue a career in ‘business’.


What is Business School- REALLY?: Also known as ‘B-School’, an MBA program is a 21 month opportunity to go into six figure debt, travel (and party) extensively, make some great friends and build an incredible network.


What is Business School- to me at least?: A tremendous two year personal investment which will allow me to pivot from the public/non-profit sector into the private sector during which I will build a strong network, make new friends and travel.


From what I understand, people pursue a Full Time MBA for many reasons. The top three reasons in no particular order seem to be:

  1. Looking to switch careers into a ‘target’ industry (this is me!)

  2. Looking to advance their career in their current industry or company

  3. Looking to figure out what they want to do with themselves when they grow up (also kind of me!)

As a note:

Part Time and Online MBA programs (which are generally preferred by women) appear to be ideal for those who are looking to stay with their current company and advance into management roles they may not otherwise have access to. Based on what I’ve read, it appears that if you’re looking to switch careers, a part time or online MBA would make the process a bit challenging ONLY because you typically do not have access to on campus recruiting and all the firms that come to campus and of course the robust network of your eager and talented peers on a regular basis. I am a firm believer that if you hustle and put in the effort these roadblocks can be overcome (this guy from reddit is a VERY satisfied NYU Part time MBA) and if you enroll in some part time or online programs you may have access to on campus recruiting and/or an incredible network after all.

TLDR: don’t believe the criticisms out there about part time and online MBA programs, BUT do your research and be honest with yourself about how much you can and will hustle.