Why Did I Apply Anyway?

Who are ‘traditional’ Business School Students? At a top 10 school: White, Male and 4-5 years into a career at a BB or MBB firm.


Aside from the fact there was no single stop shop to add a layer of transparency to the MBA application process, a part of the reason I wanted to start this site is because I did not fit into the traditional MBA box in multiple ways. Yes, I am a queer female applicant of color, but I am quite non-traditional from a professional standpoint. I already have a masters degree, earn six figures and have nearly 7 years of full-time work experience in the public/non-profit sector.


Business school?! Why not just put my feet up and cruise into an easy life of 8 hour days and a pension?


Because I was bored and wasting the ‘potential’ my third-grade teacher always wrote home about. I could literally feel my skills atrophying each day at my desk. I was itching to learn and do really cool things in the private sector.


I tried taking up a hobby or two (r.i.p bookclub), but quickly realized my career trajectory was flat-lining. I wanted to change careers and I want to go into private sector finance. In order to do this, I realized I probably need to go to business school.


Before I applied and during the application process I talked to people. A lot of people. At least 80 different people. Just to make sure.


I talked to friends who went to business school, people who judge people who go to business school, H/S/W alums, current students, recent MBA graduates, relatives of MBA graduates, people who got rejected from business school, people who hire business school graduates, and people thinking about business school.


Despite my attempts to speak to a diverse array of people, hands down the majority of the people I spoke to are straight, white, and/or men.


There is nothing wrong with this fact. I am fortunate enough to have a wide array of friends and acquaintances who happily discussed their thoughts and shared their experiences which I will continue to anonymize and share.




There is everything wrong with the fact that this undoubtedly means business is a straight, white and male world.